Employees Training


Employees Welfare System

We foster a comfortable work environmente for our employees by promoting a variety of HR development programmes and workstyle reforms.

HR development programmes

Nowadays, it is essential to help develop global human resources in terms of English capability and cross-cultural understanding not only in the maritime industry but in all businesses. We provide our employees with various English programmes to reinforce their proficiency in English and to have overseas experience.

Business English Classes (by K&F English Academy)

An external native English teacher gives Business English classes weekly at three different levels, currently three students per class according to their English proficiency.

Overseas Programmes (by LSI, by EF Education First)

We offer overseas programmes to improve communication skills and business English capability according to the needs and requests from the participants. (Click here to find their interviews.)

Voice of the participants

2019 in Brisbane, Australia

Sayaka Wada

I participated in a short-term overseas programme to study English in Brisbane, Australia for about one month from June 2019.
At the language school, I worked on strengthening my speaking skills in an environment where we had to follow the rule of speaking “English Only” in the classroom.
The school accepts students aged 16 and over, so I was able to interact with people from different age groups, such as those who had just graduated from high school and others who were married and had children.
I was often surprised by the cultural differences between me and my classmates, who came from many different countries, as well as their diverse values. Nonetheless, I enjoyed living abroad for a month.

2019 in Brisbane, Australia

TOEIC (TOEIC Bridge) Speaking & Writing Tests

We organize a TOEIC S&W on-site test annually (in autumn) at the company’s expense.

Monthly tuition assistance for online English learning services

We encourage our employees to utilize our partial on-line tuition assistance for English self-learning activities (conditions apply). 

HR Development Seminars/Workshops

We offer external seminars and workshops for all employees from junior to upper levels to help them develop their business and leadership skills as a professional business person.


Our employees have many learning opportunities for practical on-site work whilst visiting our vessels at a port and attending dry-docking at a shipyard in Japan as well as abroad.


Study meetings and industrial seminars

In cooperation with marine equipment makers, insurance companies and ship management companies, we hold study meetings on all about maritime business from general information to technical knowledge including the latest market prospects. We also actively participate in external seminars organised by ship classification societies or charterers.

Study meetings and industrial seminars